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Welcome to the Unix Avengers Official Fleet WikiEdit

This is the official wiki of the Star Trek Online Fleet Unix Avengers. It contains: information on the fleet and its policies, general info on everything from fleet usage to gameplay tactics and advice, and profiles of some of our members and their characters. It also provides chat and forum options that are much easier to deal with for members spread across different timezones (or who can check in at a wiki during a lunch break, but aren't about to go playing STO on a work or school computer).

If you have never played Star Trek Online, you will probably get nothing from this wiki (except, hopefully, a few good laughs). If you do play but are not a fleet member, feel free to browse and contribute to strategy anyway; knowledge wants to be shared.


Welcome To The Fleet

The Rules

How The Fleet System Works

Fleet Rank Explanations


STO Official wiki page for Fleets.

Officer ProfilesEdit

The Officer Profiles (all members can create these, you don't need to be any particular game or fleet rank) can contain any information about you, your character, or both. You can use these to create fanfic or to role play but please only link to these pages via your personal page for the time being.

If you already have a profile page on Wikia you can optionally link directly to that page from the index.

Strategy & AdviceEdit

Here you can post advice on specific missions, ship configurations for particular types of enemy or play style, general levelling/grinding advice, or anything else. If you are posting strategy for PVE or PVP missions or if you are referencing very specific items, it is strongly advised that you include a link to the appropriate page on the STO wiki.

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